Interview Techniques

Often, the elation at receiving an interview gives way to nerves and worry, this is usually a result of pressure you put upon yourself. An easy way to avoid this and to enter an interview with confidence is to prepare.  Going through a set routine before an interview will help you reduce your nerves, relax and perform to your best ability; try using the following tips and see how it improves your performance at your next interview.

  • Know where you are going, plan your route and turn up 10-15 mins early.
  • Make a good first impression; dress smartly, make eye contact and offer a firm handshake.
  • Research the company; how many staff, what’s the team ethos, their history and how can you contribute to that?
  • Job specification; what skills are required for the position, how will you fit into the role and why would you be a better fit than the other candidates.
  • Prepare some well thought questions that show your knowledge of the organisation/department or that will help your understanding.  Topics could include; staffing levels, training opportunities, current legislation, their short & long term aims or to find out more about what would be expected of you within the role.
  • Try to assess what questions they may ask you and rehearse your answers.  Be honest and positive when replying, take your time and ask for clarification if required.
  • Find out what the next stage in the interview process is and if you are genuinely interested let them know.

Remember to relax - this is just one interview; you have done your preparation and should be confident.  If all else fails, it will be good experience. The last thing that you want to show is nerves or desperation.